Open Table Recruiting Players

Starting on February 10th I’m going to GM a weekly game via Discord text chat. You’re welcome to join as a player, or as an observer if you wish!

The rules will be something in the neighborhood of OD&D (no supplements), with Delving Deeper v4 as the primary reference text.

Characters will be generated at random & start at 0-level.

Play will focus on exploration of dungeons & wilderness. I’ll start this campaign (as I usually do) with a very bare-bones setting, in this case just a dungeon & a safe town. The setting will evolve just as the rules do: in response to play & the particularly the players’ actions.

I plan to post on this blog about the setting creation process & the house rules. I may also post session reports here.

The format is inspired by West Marches & Rythlondar Chronicle: each session begins and ends in a safe area, and anyone with a character can join in for a single session (expedition), with no commitment to being there the following session.

Emphasis is on fun, casual, low-commitment, and playing to find out what happens, for myself as well as the players.

Sessions are currently scheduled for Sundays starting Feb 10, 1-4pm EST.

If you want to join, it’s as easy as joining my Discord server & requesting a character. Here is the link to join:

If you’d like to learn more, there’s the beginnings of a campaign wiki here:

Hope to see you in Werdna World!


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